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Mycelium Networks connects homes, organizations, communities, and cities through deployment of resilient Decentralized Wireless Networks.

About Mycelium's Host Network

We connect communities

Hosting with Mycelium is easy, and you are helping support everyday Internet of Things devices like trackers, sensors, e-scooters, and, other innovative applications.




Hosting is easy, secure,
and helps your community

Mycelium is your partner in making your city or organization smarter, more cost-effective, and inclusive.

Our security promise

Never worry about Malicious Data! Mycelium Nodes are reserved for IoT devices only.

  • Devices transmit encrypted data only. Nothing off-network can connect to the Node besides your WiFi.
  • Nodes operate on a network only for applications reserved for ISM (industrial, scientific, and medical).

Plug it in, and forget it

If your Node needs service for any reason, we will be there to help. No cost to you, ever.

  • Nodes will never slow down your internet speed.
  • Nodes use about the same electricity as a 5W LED bulb.
  • If something is wrong, and the Node goes offline, we will contact you to reset the Node (most of the time you just need to turn it off and on again.)

About IoT technology

Nodes support a network of Internet of Things devices in your community including:

  • E-scooters, soil sensors, package delivery, medical devices, GPS trackers, traffic monitors

When these devices connect to our network, your Node supports the transfer of bytes of data.

We work around your schedule to install

One of our team members will contact you and set up a time.

  • Our setup time is fast and easy, we will be in and out of your home in no time!

We will determine an analysis of your location and decide what type of setup is right for you.

Keep Tabs on your things

A new way to track anything. Tabs work on “The People’s Network.”


Tabs are affordable and simple to set up

  • Do not need to be near another phone to be located
  • Do not require a subscription (free data for life)
  • Rechargeable battery (up to 6 months use on a single charge) + dust and water-splash resistant
  • Runs on the global Helium network, “The People’s Network” which is brought to Northwest Arkansas by Mycelium’s Host Network

Become a Host with Mycelium and receive
a FREE Tab!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our Nodes can only connect to IoT devices. Your computers, tablets, phones, smart TV’s, in home security systems, and wireless devices can not transmit data through our Nodes. At Mycelium Networks, your privacy is our top priority.

There is no catch! You host a Node for us and start getting paid. No gimmicks, no contracts, and opt out anytime!

We encourage the growth of the Helium network and understand that some people want to be more actively involved. We love knowing that we are inspiring others to take action. A feature of our program is being able to opt out anytime. If you are purchasing your own Helium Node, just return ours, so we can make it available to another Host. 

What our Hosts are saying

Quick, easy, and convenient!

After setup, there is nothing else for you to do. Keep your Node connected and receive your monthly payments.

Step 1Fill out the form  •  Step 2We will call or text you  •  Step 3Setup and done!

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