Thank you for your interest in becoming a Mycelium Networks Business Partner. Below you will find out more about what it means to partner with us.

Some Of Our Current Business Partners

A Short Explanation

"We just started hosting with Mycelium Networks recently. We are small business owners and we get $25 a month with our Pro Setup. We gladly help them build the network, and our monthly payment helps offset some of our office expenses."
Business Owner

What Does It Mean To Be A Host?

Our Networks is composed of “Nodes” that pick up signals from these IoT devices. We compensate businesses in exchange for “hosting” a Node and providing coverage for their respective area.

What Do I Need To Do As A Host?

Not much. Our Nodes just need a power sourceand a stable internet connection to provide coverage.

What's In It For Me?

Payment – $300 / year per location. That’s right, we pay you to Host our Network! Payment is made through Venmo or Paypal.

Other Services We Offer

Positive Publicity / Promotion – Opportunities for exposure to our audience of Hosts and follwers as a supporter of the network.

Unlimited ReferralsWe pay an additional $100 for every new Host location that comes as a result of your recommendation, even if it belongs to you.

Solutions for your business – Our network has many use cases for businesses, including yours. If you’re ever curious about how you may be able to improve your business through the network, we’d be happy to have that conversation.

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