Keep Tabs on your things

Track anything using The People’s Network.

Tabs on the People’s Network

A new way to track anything.

Tabs are a simple and affordable way to keep track of the things that matter the most to you. Unlike existing trackers, Tabs do not need to be near anyone else’s phone to be located or require a costly cell subscription. Tabs have a dust and water-splash resistant housing and can be attached to anything you want to track.

Tabs are simple to set up. Simply download the app and scan the QR code on your Tab. You can individually name each Tab and customize its color and icon. The App is available on iOS and Android.

Tabs use The People’s Network which is found in over 1,000+ cities in North America. Coverage is easily created by installing a Hotspot in your home or business. Think about the hotspot as an internet router. It emits a LongFi signal (Similar to WiFi but it extends for miles instead of feet).

What Our Hosts Are Saying

Happy To Help Northwest Arkansas

“We’ve been helping out Mycelium Networks since July 2020. We’re glad to be a part of the Decentralized Wireless movement & helping Fayetteville become a smart city.”

Sandra Webb


Helping My Community

“I’ve been a host now for a few months and it’s a pretty cool gig! You don’t have to do anything and it didn’t cost me anything either. I like that we’re helping Arkansas, and the location tracker works pretty well on my electric bike.”

Kiley Beckham

Marketing Analyst

Get Paid & Forget About It

“To be honest, $10 monthly is not the main reason why I decided to host for Mycelium Networks. Being able to contribute to the growth of my local community is the first priority!”

Danny Tran

Data Specialist

Hosting is Easy!

“Being a Host for Mycelium Networks is easy. They did the set up and install in less than 10 minutes. You forget it is even in your home, except every month when you get paid! There’s nothing better than earning free monthly money while helping build Decentralized Wireless.”

Sarah Garrett